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Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

We have reviewed Samsung Galaxy S5. Have a look.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

It feels like we have been waiting forever for the Galaxy S5 to launch. We have reviewed the Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S5 to see what Samsung came up with.

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Sony shares details of its next Playstation 4 update


Sony detailed the first major update for the PlayStation 4 on Wednesday, introducing the SHAREfactory video editor and the ability to pre-download games that haven’t hit the PlayStation Store yet. Despite its unending success in the marketplace, thePlayStation 4 has fallen behind the Xbox One recently in terms of additional features.Microsoft began patching Xbox One almost immediately after…

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Hackers add control of Nest and Spotify to Siri


Siri is getting a lot of competition from Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana these days, but some young hackers have just made Siri much more useful, even if they did so without Apple’s permission. Engadget draws our attention to GoogolPlex, a new hack for Siri developed by a quartet of freshmen at the University of Pennsylvania that lets you use Apple’s voice-enabled personal assistant to…

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Philips W6618: Android phone with the best battery life


The Philips W6618 is a monster smartphone that packs an impressive 5300mAh battery. The device was released earlier this week in China where it retails for 1,699 Yuan, or around $273, PhoneArena reports. The battery is non-removable and it offers a standby time of 66 days and talk time of 33 hours. Because the battery is so big, the phone is also slightly thicker than competitors, having a…

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Google Glass would be soon used by surgeons


The high-tech eye-wear device Google Glass can be a useful tool in surgical settings, particularly in relation to training, a new study has found. Personal portable information technology is advancing at a breathtaking speed, researchers said.

Google Glass is worn like conventional glasses, but that combines a computerised central processing unit, touch-pad, display screen, high-definition…

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Lumia 2520 sales have been suspended due to fault in tablet’s charger


Lumia 2520 sales have been suspended after Nokia found a fault with the tablet’s charger. Nokia has asked people to stop using the AC-300 charger bundled with the tablet immediately.

According to Nokia, in some cases the plastic cover of the AC-300 charger could have come loose and exposed the internal components thereby endangering the user. While the charger is plugged in, it could electrocute…

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Apple to fix multiple bugs in iOS 7.1.1 release

Have you noticed some annoying bugs that cropped up after you installed iOS 7.1 onto your smartphone or tablet?

Apple Patents Android-Like Gesture Based Unlocking System

Apple has a pair of new patent applications published by the USPTO today (via AppleInsider) which describe a gesture-based unlocking system for iPhone or iPad devices.

Samsung Galaxy devices to get a custom Kindle app and free e-books every month


Amazon and Samsung today announced the launch of a new app called Kindle for Samsung. This app will be exclusively available on the latter’s Galaxy devices and will give users easy access to e-books from the store.

In addition to this app, Samsung is also launching a free book service wherein a user could get as many as 12 free e-books a year. It is a referral program, so if you refer this…

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